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    Simon cat6 cable

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    SIEMON CABLE CAT 6 Cable offers a comprehensive suite of end-to-end cabling systems designed to meet or exceed connecting hardware and channel performance specifications set forth for category 6 by TIA and ISO/IEC. Siemon Cat 6 cable is ideal for end-users who require backward compatible structured cabling systems that support 1000BASE-T during application upgrades but also need the performance headroom to ensure the cabling plant can withstand the rigors of the cabling environment. The Solution 6 Plenum cable design eliminates the central isolation member common to many category 6 UTP Cables, reducing overall cable diameter. This reduces pathway size requirements, carton materials and provides more efficient shipping options for a greener installation. Order for this Siemon category 6 networking cable From Routine Solutions limited Kenya.

    KSh18,000.00 + VAT