Yeastar P-Series Cloud PBX Alert

Yeastar Cloud PBX Subscription Are Now Available For Purchase, This is a Cloud-Based Technology, Managed Remotely


Yeastar S50i is designed to provide a robust small
business communication solution. It comes out-ofbox with full phone system features plus enhancing UC
capacity with Linkus UC Clients. The easy management,
abundant features, and quick provisioning empower
S50i to deliver a convenient calling experience, secure
communications, and allow customers meet their
specific needs in various scenarios.

Introduction of Yeastar Room booking system

This is a new product line focusing more on workplace management, which you might have interest to carry. In this mail, please let me introduce the firstly launched product in this new line – Yeastar room booking system.

Yeastar room booking system is a completed solution with both hardware and software, with highlights below:

Hardware (designed / manufactured by Yeastar):

On-the-spot interactive room display
mounted right outside the meeting room and indicates real-time room status and schedule, and also works as a portal where you can book a ad-hoc meeting, check in and check out as scheduled. This is most effective way to avoid room-stealing or interruption as people are absolutely clear about the room occupancy when they are outside the meeting room.

People counting sensor
reads the headcount in the room, which enables smarter functionality such as releasing an empty booked room.

Room comfort sensor
detects real time room ambience, such as temperature, humidity, TVOC and etc, and help organizer choose the room with best environment for meetings.

Software (created by Yeastar):

A cloud-based booking platform, integratable with Microsoft 365 & Google Workspace,
enables users to manage meeting rooms and make reservation in a habitual way, from either desktop or mobile.

Visualized reports & analytics
supported by the booking software to provide insights including meeting peak hours / utilization rate and etc., which help managers make data-driven decision.

Logo customizability
enables users to blend the system GUI with their own brand image.

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